Resist Grand Juries!

From the Bay Area Grand Jury Resistance Collective:
The Bay Area Grand Jury Resistance Collective is a group of activists from the animal rights, environmental, anarchist, and anti-imperialist movements who collectively have decades of experience organizing against grand juries and other State repression. Recently we came together to discuss the increased use of grand juries as a tool by the State to disrupt and gather information on radical movements and the ways in which these communities have chosen to address them. We are writing this because we are aware that certain individuals have cooperated with a grand jury in San Francisco (known as the Santa Cruz grand jury) within the last year. These people have been neither transparent about their involvement nor what transpired during the grand jury proceedings. Their lack of accountability has the potential to weaken our ability to resist and to build our movements. We are further concerned that the affected communities have not been adequately prepared to address issues of transparency and accountability. This is a problem. A strong resistance to political repression is hinged on activists’ ability and commitment to foster a culture of solidarity, support, and accountability. It is vital to engage in discussions about what notions like “solidarity” and “accountability” will materially look like prior to them becoming necessary. This statement has been collectively written in the spirit of encouraging all those engaged in social and revolutionary change to have these conversations now, in preparation for the next grand juries.

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